Snowy River Haulage

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions form an integral part of a written or verbal Contract between Debbony Pty Ltd Trading as Snowy River Haulage and any client who contracts Snowy River Haulage Transport to transport goods

“Owner” means any person, company or organisation who enters into or is a party to a contract with Snowy River haulage to transport goods including the consignor and the consignee.

Employees of Snowy River Haulage have the authority to enter into a contract on behalf of Snowy River Haulage but have no authority to vary these terms & conditions.

“Good or Goods” means any vehicle, multiple of vehicles provided to Snowy River Haulage for the purpose of being transported.

All parties in the contract, including the owner, consignor, consignee and any other party who places the booking with Snowy River Haulage shall be held to be the owner, and are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and liable for any additional costs that may be incurred on their behalf during transport including but not limited to repairs and towing if vehicle becomes disabled.

Any person who contracts Snowy River Haulage to conduct transport of a vehicle or delivers a vehicle to Snowy River Haulage for the purpose of transporting the vehicle, if they are not the owner, has permission from the owner to arrange and deliver the vehicle to Snowy River Haulage:

  1. Snowy River Haulage will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your door as possible (only if legal and safe to do so) A mutually agreed place to load and unload may be necessary due to narrow streets, load limits, height restrictions, signed restricted access and residential areas.
  2. Snowy River Haulage will provide the customer with an estimated pick up and delivery date and time. There are no guarantees on pick up or delivery dates and times. Delays can occur due to road conditions, weather, mechanical issues among others, Snowy River Haulage will not be held responsible for any damage, loss caused by any type of delay.
  3. Snowy River haulage will not be held liable for failure of mechanical or operating parts of your vehicle.
  4. Snowy River Haulage will not be held liable for any damage or mechanical failure to any vehicle that is not roadworthy, registered or is a repairable write off or Statutory Ride Off. Insurance is limited to those vehicles who are found to be roadworthy and registered.
  5. Any vehicle that is or has had modifications to suspension making the vehicle have less ground clearance than 250mm will only be transported at the owner’s risk.
  6. At pick up, Snowy River Haulage will fully inspect the vehicle for pre-existing damages – exterior only – and complete vehicle inspection report along with taking photos.
  7. Snowy River Haulage will not be responsible for any damage caused by the acts of God such as hail or storm damage, or damages resulting from worn and/or broken parts of the vehicle or any items stored inside the vehicle.
  8. There may be an extra charge for goods in cars. Goods must not block any windows, and nothing can be placed on the floor behind the driver's seat or either of the front seats. There is to be no flammable goods, explosive goods, firearms or illegal goods in vehicles.
  9. Please do not leave valuable goods in vehicles - goods in vehicles are not covered under our insurance policy and the responsibility of goods in vehicles is on the owner of the goods.
  10. All vehicles must be driveable onto car carrier. Non going vehicles-: There will be an extra charge for non-going vehicles such as forklift expenses and other loading expenses. All non-going vehicles must have working steering and brakes
  11. Debbony Pty Ltd Trading as Snowy River Haulage is not a common carrier


Quotes are provided by Snowy River Haulage based solely on the information given by the customer. Snowy River Haulage reserves the right to alter the quote on pick up in the event that the information that has been provided by the customer was incorrect or has changed.


Preferred payment is via direct Bank Transfer or by cash at time of pick up or delivery. Snowy River Haulage reserve the right to delay or cancel the scheduled pick up until such a time that payment has been made

Cancellations Policy-:

In the event Snowy River Haulage cancels transport due to circumstances beyond our control, a full refund will be given.

Snowy River Haulage reserve the right to charge the full quoted price of transport in the event that the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled pick up or is cancelled at the scheduled pick up point.

Snowy River Haulage reserve the right to charge a $200 cancellation fee in the event that a booking is cancelled within one week and more than 24 hours of the scheduled pick up time.

Privacy Policy-:

Snowy River Haulage collects sensitive and non-sensitive data from consignor and consignee. This data includes name, address, phone number, and email address. This data is collected solely to enable Snowy River Haulage to fulfill its obligation to transport the goods.

This data may be disclosed to third parties, including but not limited to our staff, third party transporters and individuals with whom we would expect to share data with.
Snowy River Haulage will not accept liability for any loss as a result of disclosure.

Photo/Video Release Form-:

Snowy River Haulage reserve the right to reproduce photographs of vehicle that we have transported for use in Updates, Advertising Campaigns, Websites & on our Facebook Page.
Snowy River Haulage will not accept liability for claims or loss made in relation to the use of photographs or videos